Frequently Asked Question

The entire process is done very quickly as once we have your order, based upon our discussions with you a detailed draft of your sign is submitted for your approval. From that point on, your sign can be finished in a matter of hours depending upon the nature of your order.

Vehicle lettering is usually done in a few hours. Words on Walls are also done within a few hours. Banners can be produced within 24 to 48 hours. Other signs may require more time depending upon the materials required and the actual usage of the sign.

Once we know what you want, we will tell you right away how long your order will take to process.

Yes. Just give us a sample of your logo and we can reproduce it to almost any size and make a transferable application which can then be placed on your company fleet which will identify your vehicles as belonging to your company. The transfer while removable, is long lasting, won't come off, and is highly resistant to fading and weather effects.

Yes, we can create any lettering style you want, in almost any size. Just show us what you want and we will be able to reproduce it for you.

In most cases, yes. Providing the material you want the letters to adhere to is clean and flat, there should not be a problem.

Yes, banners can be used over and over again. All you need to do is carefully roll your banner up, store it in a clean, dry place, and it's always ready to be used as often as you like. Many tradeshow display companies reuse their banners for many years.