How to Make Your Store Sign Work for Your Small Business

How to Make Your Store Sign Work for Your Small Business

How to Make Your Store Sign Work for Your Small Business

How to Make Your Store Sign Work for Your Small Business
by Charles Gaudet

My wife, Heather, and I used to do a lot of traveling before we had kids (I guess you could also say that by “average” standards, we still do a lot of traveling).  And if we didn’t book a hotel room in advance, we would have certain rules that applied to which hotels we would NOT stay at based upon what was said on the hotel sign.

Such examples included any reference to advertising the following (all of which we’ve seen before):
•Smoke Free Rooms (who the heck wants to stay in a stinky room?!)
•Free Adult Movies (yes, this was their big selling feature…need I say more?)
•Cheap Rooms By the Hour (goes along with the adult movies … do you think they have enough time to change the sheets in between hourly rentals?!)
•Telephones (you mean some hotels don’t have this stuff?)
•King and Queen Beds (really?  You feel the need to tell me this?)
•Free Coffee (Um, I’d rather see free internet. Besides, I can only imagine how good the coffee is)
•Color TV (actually, I’d like to see you give me a black and white TV)

And the list goes on…

You see, the problem with most signs is that they don’t clearly point out the one, most important, reason why I should do business with you.

Why should I choose to do business with you instead of doing business with one of your competitors or instead of choosing to do nothing at all?

Our Insiders’ Club is chock full of successful Strategic Entrepreneurs™ who understand that your unique selling proposition can make or break you as an Entrepreneur … and that’s another reason why our Insiders’ Club members represent some of the most brightest and most successful Entrepreneurs on the planet.  A group that I’m proud to lead and be a part of….

It’s expected that if you operate a hotel, that you have phones, A/C, color TV, clean rooms and more…

Tell me something that’s NOT expected.

Perhaps you offer an indoor water park or you have a world famous chef cooking at your restaurant?  Maybe you have themed rooms or provide all your guests with iPads to use while they’re staying at your lodge.  You could even offer a car service or host a big event for a segment of the market.  There are tons of ways you can differentiate yourself.

And this doesn’t just apply to hotels – this applies to everyone (but, of course, you already knew that).

What makes you different?  How can you tell the world why they should be doing business with you?  Can you fit that on a sign?  What about a business card?

Yours in success,


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