About Us

About Us

RB Lettrage understands your needs and we respect your deadlines. Since 1992 we have been designing indoor and outdoor signs for office and home use. If you have ever seen a sign anywhere that you felt would suit your needs, we can reproduce it.

Working with businesses throughout the Greater Montreal Area, we always assemble the perfect indoor or outdoor message that every business needs. From your company vehicle to your office door and outdoor sign, we will work with you to make your business visible and professional looking. Our SIGNS get results!

Signs for opening a new business, limited time sales events, featured products, and any other business event or activity for which a sign would be suitable, we are here to help.

Our banners are used by many corporate clients for trade shows, sales events, and new business locations. Sporting events such as golf tournaments, hockey playoffs, are also perfect activities for signs that are quick to produce, look great, and can be put up and taken down easily.

We also produce lettering for walls, in hundreds of styles and colors. Reflective colors and metallic (gold leaf, chrome, bronze, aluminum etc.) colors and any combination of colors allowing for millions of choices. We can get your color choice exactly right.

We also have thousands of choices in, opaque, and etched lettering as well which can be produced on almost any type of material from paper, wood, plastic, glass, mirrors, and metal. Our lettering will adhere to almost any clean flat surface.

You can personalize almost anything around your home or office with lettering for purses, briefcases, pet dishes, office equipment. The uses are unlimited.

Quick and professional, we always show you what your sign will look like before it is constructed and placed.

Our highly trained professionals use state-of-the-art computer-aided design systems that create high-impact, cost effective signage that will increase your visibility. Our professionals are available to assist you from the initial design stage, color selection, text, and logos, to completion, and will advise you on language and municipal commercial sign regulations.